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Automotive Tinting

Architectural Finishes

  • Transform the look of your space
  • Films can be applied to any surface
  • Create a new design, mood, or entire look
  • Choose from hundreds of different finishes
  • Save $$ with less downtime and less labor

Architectural Finishes ~ 
Changing the Way Things Look

Have you ever wondered how you could engage the interest of new customers? And what about your employees? Did you know that employee production is affected by the “mood” of their working environment? At High Impact Glass Solutions, we add serious style to your space without the expense of a full renovation. We wake-up plain walls and surfaces with dynamic visuals that wow customers, motivate employees, and enhance your pride of ownership…with significant savings and minimal downtime.

Architectural Finishes

We cover conference rooms, reception areas, restrooms…literally any area of any size room with DI-NOC and INFEEL architectural films. The transformations always look spectacular and the affordability of the films consistently meets our customers’ budgets.

Design Flexibility

Décor options are endless. The flexibility of our films allows them to be applied to walls, columns, furniture tops, doors, ceilings, any area that needs updating or an esthetic change. A selection including hundreds of different looks and textures puts no limit on what can be accomplished:

  • Carbon
  • Concrete
  • Fine Wood
  • High Gloss
  • Leather
  • Metallic
  • Rust
  • Sand
  • Silk
  • Solid Color
  • Stone
  • Weave
  • Wood Grain
  • Whiteboard Film

So...what's on YOUR mind? Thoughts of "dressing up" your retail establishment?

Simply covering the walls, displays and pillars can add stunning elements to your décor… and attract the attention of new customers.  

Our designers and installation teams work harmoniously with you throughout the process. Our passion is to deliver the design and look that achieves the style you desire within a budget you can afford.

When Less is More

Not everyone wants or needs an entire makeover. With the flexibility of our wraps, we can give any space minor touches that make a major difference.

Just wrapping accent panels added rich elegance to otherwise plain elevators      

We Know What We’re Doing

Successful wrap transformations are predicated on our experience, talent, commitment, and clear communication with clients. Our designers and installation teams work harmoniously with you throughout the process. The journey begins with discovery and visionary planning. The journey ends in “knocking your socks off” with the look you desire within a budget you can afford.

No matter how small or large the project, High Impact Glass Solutions can create the presentation that makes a difference. You imagine it ~ we can do it! With the diverse selection of our architectural wraps, and the meeting of your mind with ours… anything is possible.

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