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Automotive Tinting

Automotive Tinting

  • Enhance Car Style
  • Maximum Heat Rejection
  • Increase Comfort
  • Stop Interior Fading
  • Shield Vehicle Against Surface Damage
  • Self-Repair Scratches and Stains
  • Nearly 100% UV Protection
  • 94% Glare Reduction
  • No Signal Interference
  • Increase Privacy
  • Wash Your Vehicle Less
  • No Need for Waxing

Welcome to High Impact Glass Solutions!

We welcome automobile owners in the Tampa Bay area to visit our new state-of-the-art facility where expectations for an unrivaled driving experience begins.  

Our climate-controlled shop is a dust and dirt-free environment that eliminates contamination beneath your newly installed window film and paint protection application. Equally important is our preventive measures taken to eliminate debris from entering between adhesives and your vehicle’s surface. To further achieve perfect film results, the shop has been outfitted with two customized illuminated glass walls, each measuring 120”x 80” that facilitate our signature techniques.

Unmatched Customer Service

We get it. Scheduling your car for any of our applications can cause disruption at work or to your calendar. We know that your time can be limited for a host of reasons. No worries at High Impact Glass Solutions! To facilitate drop-off and pick-up, we make your visit seamless by offering a valet service within 5 miles of our location. We can also arrange an Uber transport or hold your vehicle until you are ready to stop in and pick it up. Additionally, to accommodate you with the utmost convenience, our facility can be kept open evenings and Saturdays by simply calling ahead and scheduling an appointment.

Top-Notch Applications

We offer LLumar’s newest elite line of auto films including their exclusive FormulaOne Series. No other films can equal their performance for comfort, safety, and appearance. Period.

Safeguard the look of your car for years to come with LLumar’s Platinum Ceramic Paint Protection. When applied, this virtually invisible layer of film becomes your car’s best defense against nicks, scratches and damage caused by road debris.

To preserve your vehicle’s shine and keep it looking new, an igl Ceramic Coating application creates a stunning high gloss protectant on the paint surface. With its “blow your mind” hydrophobic technology your car will be highly resilient to dirt, stains, UV damage and even become miraculously self-cleaning!

Top-Notch Film Installers

Though we often utilize a computerized plotter for cutting patterns, High Impact Glass Solutions has skilled, pro-window film installers who have mastered the craft of auto tinting. Our ability to hand-splice film with utmost precision gives us an advantage that much of the competition lacks.

For those who seek to experience superior driving comfort with all the additional luxuries that our pallet of window tinting offers, contact High Impact Glass Solutions today! 

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