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Windshields are good at rejecting UV rays from entering cars, however, the side and rear windows of cars struggle to stop the ultraviolet rays that cause about “90 percent of skin cancer”. Window tint and films can further protect you and your loved ones inside your vehicle. This article from skincancer.org provides some more detailed information here.

We recommend leaving your windows up for three to five days. This will help the film dry and insure it lasts as long as it’s designed to.

Yes – Window tint can be removed, however, we do recommend that removal of the film is done by a trained professional. Removing film on the rear window of a vehicle, for example, can damage the defrosters if done improperly.

No – Glass in cars and homes blocks the UVB Ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn, HOWEVER, the windows Do Not stop UVA Ultraviolet rays. UVA rays penetrate the skin deeper and are known to cause skin cancer. Tinting your windows can be an effective way to stop this type of exposure. Find more information here: Car Window Tinting

Yes – We actually recommend having after market film installed over your factory tint. Factory tint on trucks, vans, and SUVs will do little for heat reduction and UV protection and is basically meant for privacy. FormulaOne films will reduce the amount of heat in your vehicle and will reject 99% of UV rays.

Our films are made with a scratch resistant coating. However, the film can still be scratched if enough pressure is applied from a seatbelt, ring, keys, etc. Scratches and other personal damage are not covered under the Lifetime Warranty.

Yes, but we recommend using Sprayway Glass Cleaner and a squeegee or Bounty Paper Towel. You can also fill a squirt bottle and add a little dish soap or Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, and then the same squeegee or Bounty.

Yes – Headlight and taillights can be tinted in many different styles. We offer Clear, Tint, Gunsmoke, Yellow, Optic Blue, Green, & Amber.

Yes! Skylights account for a tremendous amount of heat buildup in the warmer months. We recommend using a dark or reflective solar film to reject heat and reduce glare. Unfortunately, dome skylights cannot have window film applied. Window film is made for flat glass and does not lay smooth on the curves of a dome skylight. However, there are other options are available. Please give us a call if you would like additional details.

Yes – Residential Window Tinting is a very popular solution for many homeowners. Residential tint decreases glare, heat, interior fading, & UV penetration while increasing comfort, privacy, and energy savings. There are also safety/security films to prevent damage and break-ins.

Yes – Window tinting is done on the interior of car windows. No amount of washing will impact them, however, when cleaning the inside there are several precautions to take to avoid damage (Avoid Ammonia based cleaners, no abrasive wipes or clothes, etc.)

Yes – Many cars come with some form of tinting, blocking around 15%-26% VLT. This tint is permanent and can only be removed by replacing the glass. More Tint may still be applied but keep in mind the legal limits when combining tint levels.

Quite a bit. A double-pane window is thermally insulated by a gas trapped between two panes of glass, and effectively doubles the insulating performance of a single-pane window. To get that same kind of insulating power from a thin, transparent window film added to single-pane glass is impressive – and a lot more affordable.

Peeling is caused by the adhesive breaking down between the film and window. Our LLumar FormulaOne window tint is backed by a lifetime, transferable warranty. This means your window tint will be covered for the life of the car, no matter who owns the title.

It will take at least two weeks for the window film to completely dry out. Until then, the windows may appear slightly hazy or streaky. Leave your vehicle outside in the sunlight to help speed up the drying process. Drying time may take a little longer in the colder months.

Window film durability depends on several factors including climate, care, quality, installation, etc.However, rest easy knowing High Impact provides a lifetime warranty on most residential films and 15 years for most commercial cases. … Please change answer to read as follows: However, rest easy knowing that High Impact Glass Solutions provides a lifetime warranty on residential and auto film installations and a
10-15 year warranty for most commercial film installations.

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