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High Impact Glass Solutions offers more than simply tinting your windows. If that was all we did, my company would be an ordinary window tinting company – which it isn’t. Though we’ve earned an outstanding reputation for our installations, what sets us apart from the competition is HOW we do them!

Jeremy Shapiro, CEO of High Impact Glass Solutions and an award-winning installation expert, personally teaches his crew very essential basics that are strictly enforced:

  • Understand the properties and complexities of different glass types.
  • Analyze each building’s glass architecture and recommend film according to the manufacturer’s “film to glass recommendation chart”.
  • Energy audits must be compliant with the U.S. Dept. of Energy Standards.
  • Lack of respect for the area you’re working in will never be tolerated.
  • Develop a sense of pride for every film installation – no matter how small or how big.
  • Look at projects as exciting opportunities for honing your skills to a higher level.

Jeremy’s company policy is to never hire sub-contractors. As a highly respected window film specialist, he prefers to mold his own installers with one-on-one training. His tactics are sometimes referred to as “boot camp”. But with this type of training, you can be sure that when High Impact Glass Solutions is in your home, business, yacht, or car, you’ve hired the very best!

From start to finish, we make the entire installation process an enjoyable experience for everyone and keep your best interests at the forefront:

  • All installers must pass strict security clearance with a squeaky-clean background. You will never have to second guess the integrity of our technicians.
  • Booties and tarps are a must but our installers bring more than clean feet. Their training includes how to protect, remove, and replace all types of window coverings. If furniture or pictures must be moved, tape is used to mark exactly where everything needs to be returned.
  • No one punches a clock. We work as early or as late to complete the project on time with the least amount of interruption to your routine or environment.
  • A skilled professional team leader with years of experience oversees every project.

All window film installers at High Impact Glass Solutions are embedded with Jeremy’s “I CAN DO THIS” attitude. Knowledge, training, and consistency combined with this attitude builds the confidence and ability to overcome the most daunting of challenges and complete rock-
solid projects successfully. Jeremy Shapiro would never settle for anything less!

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