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  • Increase Comfort
  • Glass Safety & Security​
  • Energy Savings
  • UV Protection
  • Stop Interior Fading
  • Glare Reduction
  • Privacy Enhancement

How Will Tinting My Home Benefit Me?

The benefits of having home window film are transformational. Without tinted glass, your windows and glass doors are vulnerable to the sun’s relentless adverse conditions. Rooms heat up, glare interferes with TV and computer viewing, UV rays fade flooring and furnishings and even pose the threat of skin cancer to your family. Nor does ordinary glass prevent vandals from breaking in to your home. Additionally, flying debris from broken untreated glass can cause serious property damage and bodily harm. And energy efficiency? None. Home cooling systems are challenged and monthly electric bills go one way….up. Having tinted windows and glass doors transforms this scenario into a far more comfortable and safer environment that also adds energy efficiency to your home. Imagine! Our residential window films allow you to bask in natural sunlit rooms, saving money and worry-free!

Notice how the corner panel of glass without window film allows the sun’ s heat, glare, and UV rays to freely enter. Prior to having this family room fully tinted, the intense discomfort and glare made it literally “unlivable”. Our film installation made a dramatic difference to raise the level of all around comfort and safety. The family was also grateful to have their gorgeous views restored! As we were leaving, we noticed how they excitedly began removing all the window blinds. 😊

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