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Interior Wrap Design

  • Endless design possibilities
  • High quality films
  • Can be applied to any surface

If Only Walls Could Talk….

Just Wondering, Is This Loud Enough?

Offering hundreds of styles and a vast range of textured finishes, High Impact Glass Solutions provides you with unmatched abilities to customize the interior of your home. Furniture, walls, ceilings, doors, floors, etc., can all be wrapped with our diverse materials. Choose from stunning splashes…or subtle hues to transcend the tones you desire.

Purple Passion too vibrant for your taste?  Then how about a warm woodsy texture for elegance with a cozier appeal!

We can transform just about ANYTHING with the authentic appearance of luxury wood, leather, stone, granite, marble, brick, full color graphics, and more.

And with our state-of-the-art printers, customized effects or graphic designs are always an option for the extraordinary.

Our coverings provide the ideal alternative to replacing dated furniture and surfaces. For architectural & interior design, nothing ushers in the complete mood or atmosphere that our DI-NOC and IN-FEEL wraps accomplish!

Redecorating Has Never Been So Easy

Our coverings bring “knock your socks off” alternatives to change any home’s motif. No need to incur the high expense of replacing dated furniture and surfaces. And put down the paint brush! Even the most expensive paint cannot offer the “look and feel” that our wraps provide.

Don’t scrap it – Wrap it!

Add a Special Touch for the Kidz

Visual effects dramatically enhance any room. What fun to see a child’s eyes light up when we wrap their walls with favored characters or hobbies. Whatever children find soothing…or adventurous, we add special visual effects to make their room extra special.

They might love rocket ships and astronauts for a time. As they grow older, our talented designers can update any theme that floats their boat!  

At High Impact Glass Solutions, we tailor innovative surfaces with amazing design solutions. Whether you need privacy or a total new ambience, our custom graphic finishes “cover” your environment with unique, personalized décor. There are no boundaries or limits. Add serenity or sizzle to hallways with collages, color, designs. Change floor molding and door frames from boring to OMG!! Pull into your garage and instead of blah, why not set a mood with your favorite skyline, family portrait, literally ANYTHING! Just let your imagination flow and we will make it happen.

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