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Solar Gard
Window Film

  • Lower your home’s cooling costs by up to 50%
  • Reject 99% of UV rays
  • Protect interiors from fading
  • Wide range of looks available

Why Choose Solar Gard?

Solar Gard’s industry leading window film products are sold all over the world (90+ countries), providing top-quality products backed by extensive warranties. Solar Gard premium window film is exclusively available through authorized Panorama dealers.

  • UV Protection Blocking 99% of UV light and protection equivalent to SPF 285, Solar Gard films prevent interior fading, reduce up to 30% of heating and cooling costs and improves comfort in your home or office.
  • Long Lasting Solar Gard products guarantees color stability and clarity for the life of the film. Tested for optimal performance, Panorama film and adhesives can stand up to severe conditions.
  • ShatterProof Protection If a tinted or secured pane of glass is compromised, Solar Gard window film will hold the glass in place, reducing the chance of injury and unwanted entry. Window film also creates a bond that increases the flexibility of glass, allowing it to flex more easily without compromising or breaking.

Authorized Panorama Dealer

Solar Gard is an industry leader in window film products. Being a Panorama Dealer provides us exclusively with all of their highest quality tint and security films, backed by some of the most impressive warranties and guarantees available.

As an Authorized Panorama Dealer, AP Tinting has committed to continuing training in Solar Gard Panorama products, ensuring our technicians are well equipped to get the job done right, the first time. Our training covers everything from technical proficiency skills to business professionalism. You can rest easy know AP Tinting brings a high level of professionalism into every job.

Extensive Warranties

Solar Gard Panorama Premier Plus Warranties offer substantial coverage. Split into residential and commercial, the residential coverage period is for as long the purchaser owns the home, plus 5 years. The commercial warranty is one of the longest in the industry with a coverage period of 16 years!

Panorama Dealers Offer Six Seperate Solar and Safety Films:

Panorama Hilite
Hilite is a close-to fully transparent film, allowing natural light to illuminate the room while reducing reflectivity, blocking UV and providing enhanced clarity. Hilite blocks 55% of solar energy, protecting you and your interiors from sun damage and improving temperature control. Available in Hilite 15, 25, 40, 55, 70 and 80.

Panorama Slate
Slate film is designed to be dual reflective. Providing a reflective privacy from the outside, while the inside view is retained with low interior reflectance. The heat rejection design has been maximized for increased energy savings and improved comfort. Available in Slate 10, 20, 30 and 40.

Panorama CX
Panorama’s ceramic designs maximize the abilities of solar absorbing technology, blocking up to 58% of total solar energy and UV rays. Outside views from the interior are kept crystal clear with low visible reflectivity and indoor climate and comfort is improved. Extremely durable, perfect for coastal buildings. Available in CX 35, 50 and 60.

Panorama Sterling
Sterling uses Solar Gard’s “Spectrally Selective” technology to keep out UV rays and solar heat. Interior comfort is improved without losing natural light. Available in 6 shades, Sterling 20, 40, 50, 60 and 70.

Ecolux™ Low-E
Ecolux™ Low-E works year-round to keep out the heat in summer months and cold in the winter with specially designed low emissivity. Spectral selectivity stops 52% of solar energy from getting through while still allowing in 68% of natural light. Energy savings are increased throughout the year.

Panorama Solar Safety
A combination of Solar Gard’s exclusive Solar Window film and “Clear Safety” film technology, Solar Safety offers all the benefits of solar heat rejection and interior comfort while providing additional layers of high-tensile polyester and robust adhesives. These durable layers increase impact resistance and security.





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