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Automotive Tinting

Custom Printed 
Solar Shades

  • Cutting Edge Advertising
  • Attract New Customers
  • Custom Printed Designs @ Logos
  • Enrich Storefront & Interior
  • Heat & Glare Control
  • UV Ray Protection
  • Energy-Efficiency & Savings
  • Privacy Without Blocking Views

Bringing New Possibilities to Your Business

As competition in the 21st century becomes fiercer than ever before, the sustained growth of a company is found in its ability to attract new business. But let’s not overlook the need for smart energy solutions as well.

Two very distinct problems…. one solution.

High Impact Glass Solutions has partnered with its manufacturing facility, aka Quick Draw Tools, to introduce custom printed solar shades as an impressive solution. Affordable, functional, and customizable, our shades address the issues of advertising AND minimizing heat intrusion, like no other shade on the market. 

Solar Shades 101
Made to diffuse harsh sunlight, block out harmful UV rays, and keep interiors cool, our shades offer remarkable options:

  • Heat & Glare Control
  • Energy-Efficiency
  • Protection for Furniture and Valuables
  • Natural Light Management
  • Privacy Without Blocking Views

In of themselves, these features make our shades valuable additions to any building’s windows and glass doors. But what if the shades also had custom printed logos or advertising on the exterior side, and personalized artwork on the inside! How much more relevant would that be for businesses?


Made with a fire-retardant sheer weave material, our shades are designed to be long-lasting and keep your business clearly in front of customers!

  • Motorized or non-motorized lift
  • Printable on either side…or both sides

    1. Display custom logos and advertising on outside of shade 
    2. Choose to have favored artwork on inside of shade

  • Velcroed onto frames for easy changeability

Outstanding Diversity
Our Velcro hung shades versus screwed in shades with clips add even more advantages. Suppose you own a floral shoppe. How lovely to advertise red roses on the outer shade for Valentine’s Day. Easter time? Simply modify the ad to a bouquet of lilies and daisies! Perhaps your business is running a special promotion for July 4th. With our customizable shades, Old Glory can proudly be printed on an alternate shade and removed after the last fireworks display. Having the ability to convey different ads is a HUGE plus for business awareness!

No Other Shades Offer Such a Stunning Mix of Fashion, Performance, and Effective Advertising.

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