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  • Storefront Signage
  • Exterior Glass Graphics
  • Custom Printed Solar Shades
  • Interior Make-Overs
  • Architectural Wraps/Wall Murals
  • Green Technology Applications
  • Window Tinting
  • Decorative Films
  • Privacy Films
  • Vehicle Wraps


Opening the doors to a new business is the culmination of hard work and the fulfillment of dreams. Exciting? Yes! But to be successful amid stiff competition, business owners must overcome fundamental challenges:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Eye-catching advertising
  • Appealing appearance
  • Welcoming interior environment
  • Solar/energy conservation

No matter what type of business you’ve launched, overcoming these challenges while integrating a strong competitive edge is essential. Our specialty services address these needs with a strong emphasize on cultivating robust business growth.


We equip you with the tools for a robust opening, followed with innovations for augmenting the intricate aspects of operating a new business:

Coming Soon Signage
Prior to opening, targeting your market is key for a successful launch. To reach this goal, we design your signage as an introductory reflection of an exciting new business for potential customers to anticipate. By making your COMING SOON statement more engaging than what’s typically seen, we draw extra recognition to truly make your opening GRAND!

Storefront Glass Signage
Now that your doors are open, it’s time for a compelling “ads on glass” campaign. Our signage transforms your glass with a three-fold purpose: draw attention, stir interest, and convert traffic to customers



Custom Printed Solar Shades
Brilliant personalized advertising that offers multiple benefits. Personalized to fit your business model, our in-house designers add your logos and advertising to the outer shades in high-def digital printing. Inner shades can display any design or artwork to enhance interior décor while increasing comfort to your patrons’ shopping experience. Additionally, our solar shades are hung with Velcro versus screw in clips. This unique feature adds the priceless advantage for easily interchanging shades to display different ads!
Conveying Different Ads is a Huge Plus for Business Awareness:

Additional perks that our specialized solar shades offer:

  • Heat & Glare Control
  • Energy-Efficiency
  • Protection for Fixtures
  • Motorized or non-motorized lift
  • Printable on either side…or both sides

No other solar shades can give your business such a stunning mix of performance, personalized style, and creative advertising.

Interior Graphics – Wall Murals
Thanks to the affordability of architectural wraps, whether stunning or subtle, they add elements that will “wow” your customers. Choose from endless décor options and a vast selection of textures to enhance your establishment without the expense of an entire makeover.

  • Belbien – Outside or indoor application with a selection of 430 self-adhering patterns to cover any flat or curved surface. Options include natural wood, stone, marble, metals, leathers, fabrics, etc. 
  • LLumar – Decorative film with varying degrees of transparency and coverage to add privacy, a design statement, or both.

Glimpses of Glamor:

Case Study: Marriott World Center

Decorative Frost Films
Mimicking the look of high-end expensive etched glass, our less costly frosted films provide unique benefits: privacy, character, and splashes of design to any chosen space. Modifying your interior? Awesome! Our decorative frost films can be changed to your new desired ambience or create a different tone as your business grows.

Be Inspired: https://www.higs1.com/frost-decorative-film/

Window Tinting
No matter what size business you’re starting, having an energy-efficiency and protection for your establishment’s environment are vitally important. With our top-performing films, you will feel the difference and appreciate the energy savings.

The Wonders of Window Film: https://www.higs1.com/vista-llumar/

Vehicle Wraps
For businesses that have one company vehicle…or a fleet of vehicles, applying beautifully, well-thought out vinyl graphics on company vehicles will boost brand recognition 15 times greater than any other advertising media. Our in-house designers and pro-wrappers can transform your company cars into “rolling billboards” that attract customers 24/7, wherever the vehicles travel.

Is Your Business Already Established?

Our specialty services are a plus to any business, at any stage of development. For newbies and veterans alike, we are able to tailor programs to usher recognition, credibility, and environmental “green” savings. Keep a competitive edge and be sure to set a standard of distinction, outside and inside your establishment. To accomplish this, look no further than High Impact Glass Solutions.

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