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Protection for Baby Turtles

Each year at the beginning of Spring, sea turtles come ashore to nest and lay their eggs. Hatchlings break out of the eggs approximately 60 nights later. Guided by the stars and moonlight, their instinct will direct them away from darkness toward the sea. “Man” however interrupts their exodus by confusing them with beachfront home and condo lights. Being led away from the sea towards man-made lights leads to certain death.

Requirements for new construction have been put into place for the preservation of this “endangered” species. Buildings with “direct line of sight” to the beach necessitates windows with a visible light transmission (VLT) of 45% or less. For those residents who own existing homes, rather than pay the high expense for new windows with tinted glass, we install window films that comply with the light transmission requirements. These films do much more than saving turtles. They also reduce heat inside your home resulting in lower utility costs. Plus, they control glare and eliminate 99.9% of dangerous ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer and premature fading of furnishings. And, the film does all this without sacrificing your seaside views… or the migration of turtles! Whether you live in a hard shell or a beachfront home, our “turtle” window film is greatly appreciated!





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