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Automotive Tinting

V-KOOL Clear
Window Film

  • No reflectivity – No darkness – No distortion of view
  • Highest luminous efficacy in the industry
  • Transmits more than 70% natural light
  • Rejects 94% of infra-red heat - The largest portion of the sun’s heat
  • Keeps glass surfaces and interiors at a cool even temperature
  • Greatly reduces load on cooling systems
  • Blocks 99% of ultra-violet rays
  • Does not alter interior or exterior appearance
  • Backed with a manufacturer’s warranty for seven years

The Most Intelligent and Effective Window Film of Our Time

Originally developed for military defense systems and aircrafts to deflect radar waves, today V-KOOL’s technology is revolutionizing window film applications when high infra-red heat rejection with the least reduction of visible light is needed. As the world’s first clear, spectrally-selective applied film, no other film can compete with its capability to reject heat without the “mirror” look!

The V-KOOL Proprietary Process

V-KOOL is manufactured with multiple layers of heat reflection materials embedded with pure silver, gold and indium oxide on optically clear polyester sheets. Known as a “sputtering” process, this technology allows visible light to pass through while nearly all infrared rays are rejected. Though available in various texture types, unlike traditional window films that come in a variety of shades, 
V-KOOL offers one shade – clear.

V-KOOL is the first “intelligent” film that can discern between wavelengths in the solar spectrum. With this capability that drastically improves comfort levels and maintains crisp, clear views, V-KOOL’s performance is unlike any other window film.





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